June 30-day Retreat

Sayadaw U Paññathami (Australia)  

June 1 - June 30, 2017

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Registration (English - Ghi Danh) - Space availability for Male yogis: only after June 16.

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Retreat Coordinator: Ms Ha Truong

+1 (510) 579-3951 - hatruonglivermore@gmail.com

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TD Airport Shuttle: (408) 643-5051 thanhducairport@gmail.com

Children Meditation Retreat

July 26 - July 30, 2017

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Children’s Dhamma Retreat (ages 8 to 13)

Dear Parents and Young Dhamma Friends,

The yearly Summer Children’s Dhamma Retreat for the year 2017 at Tathagata Meditation Center has been scheduled from 7 PM Wednesday July 26th to 4 PM Sunday July 30th, 2017. On Sunday July 30st we will award the certificate of completion of the retreat to students in the presence of their proud parents. 

New Book - March 2017

Tiếng Việt

Free Distribution Books

We are very happy to announce the publication of a Dhamma book in Vietnamese “Tiến Trình Thiền Minh Sát Niệm Xứ”.   It is a Vietnamese translation of the book “The Process of Insight Meditation” by Sayadaw Janakābhivamsa, also known as Chanmyay Sayadaw.   We plan to publish it during the March 2017 Vipassanā Meditation Retreat at Tathāgata Meditation Center (TMC).