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We are very happy to announce the publication of a Dhamma book in Vietnamese “Tiến Trình Thiền Minh Sát Niệm Xứ”.   It is a Vietnamese translation of the book “The Process of Insight Meditation” by Sayadaw Janakābhivamsa, also known as Chanmyay Sayadaw.   We plan to publish it during the March 2017 Vipassanā Meditation Retreat at Tathāgata Meditation Center (TMC). 

Sayadaw Janakābhivamsa, one of the greatest disciples of Mahasi Sayadaw, has been devoting his time and energy to spreading the original teachings of the Buddha in both theory and practice.  Sayadaw has led so many Vipassanā meditation retreats, taught several Dhamma classes, and given many Dhamma talks for the benefits of people at many places in the world. 

After “The Process of Insight Meditation” book is published, it has been well received by yogis.  Some Vietnamese yogis even request TMC to translate it into Vietnamese.  Realizing the merits of the request, TMC is very happy to proceed with the translation project.

Should you be interested in receiving this book, please fill out the bottom part of this letter and mail it back to Tathāgata Meditation Center. This book is free of charge but any donations to the Free-Distribution Program are welcome and greatly appreciated.  We thank you for your support to the Free-distribution Book Program over the years.

May you be well, happy and peaceful!

In Metta,Tathagata Meditation Center



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