Dhamma Talk - Sayadaw U Pandita June 2013

Special Vipassana Meditation Retreat 2013

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June 1 to June 30 , 2013

Under the Guidance of Sayadawgyi U Pandita

(English: Sayalay Vajiranani - Vietnamese: Pham Phu Luyen)

Date Titles Burmese English Vietnamese
 June 1 Opening Ceremony         mp3       mp3       mp3
 June 1 Four Protections         mp3       mp3       mp3
 June 3 Material (Bodily) and Mental Nutrition         mp3       mp3       mp3
 June 4 Bodily and Mental Nutrition (continued)         mp3       mp3       mp3
 June 5 Characteristics of conditioned phenomena         mp3       mp3       mp3
 June 6 Condition for a successful practice         mp3       mp3       mp3
 June 7 Spiritual Cultivation         mp3       mp3       mp3
 June 8 Benefits of Vipassana or Insight Meditation Practice.         mp3       mp3       mp3
 June 10 Kama Sutta / Sensual Pleasure Sermon         mp3       mp3
 June 11 Satipatthana: Great Observing Power          mp3        mp3       mp3
 June 12 How to Observe Meditation Objects          mp3        mp3       mp3
 June 13 Three Kinds of Efforts          mp3        mp3       mp3
 June 14 Clear Comprehension and its Benefits          mp3        mp3       mp3
 June 15 Continued Explanation of Vipassana Practice          mp3        mp3       mp3
 June 17 The Field of Defilements and Wisdom          mp3        mp3       mp3
 June 18 The Field of Defilements and Wisdom (continued)          mp3        mp3       mp3
 June 19

Hemavata Sutta, Part 1

         mp3        mp3       mp3
 June 20 The Deep Meaning of Satipatthana          mp3        mp3       mp3
 June 21 Experience The Four Noble Truths Through Practice          mp3        mp3       mp3
 June 22 Discerning Mind and Matter          mp3        mp3       mp3
 June 24 Hemavata Sutta, Part 2          mp3        mp3       mp3
 June 25 Impermemance Charecteristics and Its Insight. Download Video.          mp3        mp3       mp3
 June 26 Five Qualities for Reaching Nibbana          mp3        mp3       mp3
 June 27 Two Kinds of Happiness and Realization of Nibbana          mp3        mp3       mp3
 June 28 Four Levels of Enlighterment          mp3        mp3       mp3
 June 29 Noble Eight Paths: Right Dhamma          mp3        mp3       mp3
 June 30 Successful Remark Ceremony          mp3        mp3       mp3