Self Retreat

Self Retreat Registration Form

Tathagata Meditation Center offers Self-Retreat opportunitties to experienced yogis who have practiced many 30-day retreats at TMC and who have the discipline to adhere to the daily schedule without close supervision from the meditation teacher.

To be granted a permission to conduct a self retreat at TMC the yogi must meet the following conditions:

  1. Practice Vipassana meditation solely and follow strickly the daily practice schedule from 5am to 10 pm
  2. Have Vipassana meditation experience according to the Mahasi tradition as expounded by Sayadawgyi U Panditabhivama
  3. Obtain approval from the TMC's Abbot and TMC Executive Director or Chairman
  4. Be able to communicate in English
  5. Have good health
  6. Arrange or prepare own food
  7. Report to the abbot about the practice periodically as determined by the Abbot
  8. Keep noble silence (talk only if necessary) at all time
  9. Observe the maximum time limit (one week) of staying.  For extension the yogi must re-apply as in item 3 above and not to exceed one month in total.
  10. Fill out a self retreat registration application
  11. Termination: The Executive Officer could terminate the yogi's self retreat at anytime if deemed not beneficial to both yogi and the center