March 30-day Retreat - Sayadaw Khippapanno & Sayadaw U Thuzana


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A Special Vipassana Meditation Retreat

Under the Guidance of Sayadaw Khippapañño and Sayadaw U Thuzana

March 1-30, 2018

Dear Yogis,

We would like to invite you to participate in a 30-day special retreat under the guidance of Sayadaw Khippa Pañño (from March 1 to March 15) and Sayadaw U Thuzana (from March 16 to March 30, 2018) at Tathagata Meditation Center (TMC).

Sayadaw Khippa Pañño is the famous Vietnamese Vipassana meditation teacher outside Vietnam.  He is currently the Abbot of Ky Vien Temple in Washington D.C. and the Chief Meditation Teacher of Thich Ca Thien Vien Meditation Center in Riverside, California.  He has led the yearly Winter’s Vipassana Special Retreat at TMC since 1992.

Sayadaw Thuzana is the current Abbot of Tathagata Meditation Center (TMC).  Before coming to TMC in May 2011, he was the chief meditation teacher at Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Center (MBMC) in Penang, Malaysia from 2003-2010.  From 2000-2003, he was an assistant to Sayadawgyi Panditābhivamsa at Hse-mine-gone Meditation Center in Bago, Myanmar.  In this capacity, he taught Vipassana meditation to many local and foreign yogis. 

The retreat program consists of Vipassana meditation practice, Dhamma talks, interviews, questions and answers.  The daily practice during the retreat starts at 5 A.M. and ends at 10 P.M.    Interested yogis should fill out the enclosed registration form and mail it back with full retreat fee to TMC by February 14, 2018.  Applications will be accepted based on the first-come-first-serve basis with priority given to full-time yogis.  The center will inform yogis about their status within two weeks after receiving their applications or by February 17, 2018.

Once accepted, please bring sleeping bag or blanket, a bottle, and other daily necessities with you when coming to the retreatFor those yogis planning to attend right from the beginning of the first day of the retreat, please check in between 5 P.M. and 10:00 P.M. on February 28, 2018.  Room assignment and orientation packet will be handed out upon checking in with the TMC’s retreat coordinator or registrar at the office.

Should you have any questions regarding the retreat, please contact Thanh Bui at 510-921-6692 or email address:

May you all be well, happy and peaceful!

In Metta,

Tathagata Meditation Center